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Exploring creativity and sharing stories of people, the places they have been, and the ideas we all learn from each other.

Welcome to This site started as a media design project before it evolved into a portfolio, blog, and a future showcase of feature writings that share a story for everyone to learn and reflect what value they can share with the world. 
While providing content that surrounds each and everyone of our lives, you be able to find a variety of interesting people that Adam and his friends encounter on an almost daily basis. 
Topics covered include helping a son find more information about his father when he was in college in 1936, video, audio, and web design projects.

Along with those, we hope you find few things to make you smile, laugh, water your eyes a little, and even get lost in thought thinking about what you would do in a given circumstance.

Currently there is bi-monthly posting schedule, but creativity and self-reflection can happen at anytime, so sign up for the newsletter here.

Thank you for your support and your love.


Smiles and laughs are contagious, well...

the good kind of contagious.


(774) 722-8293


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