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Adam Jiwa's Graduate School Journal (#1 of 16)

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Pictured in the middle are some of the readings I have for graduate studies, plus a few extra independent readings for own future studies. Instead of waiting a year to start my writing my thesis, I’ve decided that I’m just going to go ahead and start building my research now. Currently my thoughts are drifting towards communications within trauma, race, gender or even relationships. My goal is to finish 24 books in 17 weeks. I now understand how mom filled all the bookshelves in her house after her 37 years of teaching.

I am not alone in my newest phase of life. I met a new friend last semester that is going to be my “grad school buddy.” We really make a solid team, academically and on a friendship level. I feel like my leadership style mixed with my own personal motivation and guidance benefits both of us. And in turn, I feel like God has given me someone who shows me how to continue using my academic creativity and clarity since I’ve chosen growth this past year.

With that said, pretty sure the connections I’m making and remaking are pretty amazing. From talking to mom's bff, Nell and her son Roger, to the instructors and administration on the WTAMU campus that always have time to give advice, to the connections with other students, I know I am at the exact point in the life that I’m supposed to be living in. I know He knows I want even more, but this path He has given me so that I can appreciate the hard work it takes to earn more.

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