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Whatcha been doing Jiwa?

I haven’t taken time to sit down and write in long time. For a while I just felt like I was  bragging about how awesome life was for me when others hadn’t had much light in their lives.

Last semester I was able to conduct a review for my mother's thesis. I was 16 when she wrote this.


This time last year, my focus switched to beginning my masters courses and now I’ve finished my first year w/ 21 hours (only have 5 courses left till I’m finished). While it has been challenging so far, it has also been productive and exciting journey so far. I think my favorite aspect so far is that all of my instructors have a way inspiring students to find subjects and topics to explore.

The midnight blues and maroons😍


I’ve been working with the WT Enterprise Center for 6 months now. While learning the about more about how entrepreneurs grow and thrive in the Texas Panhandle, I’ve also been able to apply an updated skill set and lessons immediately to my new career within the university system. The people around me have a constant interest in helping others and I truly believe that this community is where I belong. I think I’m pretty lucky and blessed to be able to be here.

Cleaning mom's room and I found this🥹


Eventually the goal is to continue working within the top 26 counties while I finish my masters degree…and then apply for my doctorate. I wish mom was here to see things that are being accomplished here (AND I really wish she was here to help with proofreading, OMG 🤦🏾).

The yard is the easiest thing to manage here.


Cleaning the house is proving to be a huge task, but i had friend come by and say, it’s like eating an elephant. You just do it one bite at time🤣. Maybe I should just find a cleaning service…and an interior designer…. and a hot tub😏.

My head is literally in the clouds most of the time.🤷🏾

Final thoughts

Anyways, I’ve forgotten how these mini-blogs help me to clear my head before I start on homework. They take me out of my own thoughts so that I can focus on a subject. Tonight’s learning journey will take me to the world of Communication and Leadership, so I better get started before it gets too late.

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