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These are a few items for the portfolio along with some projects that I could not use for other assignments. Instead of giving up the project, I  completed it anyways. I just don't like the idea of projects becoming a ghost. 

Letterhead for Branding Project

Here is a sample letter head with contact infomation below it. Eventually the email could be replaced by the website address. 


Business Cards for Branding Project


These business cards are for the same design. I liked the traditional and non-traditional style, so I decided to go with a double-sided print.


Style Sheet for Branding Project

This style sheet has a light and a dark version of the brand logo. Orange is my favorite color and the works well within the complementary color scheme for the logo.

Adam Jiwa-Style Sheet (1).jpg

Adam Jiwa
COMM 6385 Digital Portfolio

This is a digital link for my future teaching endeavors and opportunities. 

Three Best Design Assignments

Texas Poets' Corner Logo.jpg

The Texas Poets' Corner was fun to work on. I spent most of my semester in the West Texas A&M University Cornette Library doing my homework. I also had the opportunity to work on a few projects that required me to go to the Special Archives with in the Texas Poet's Corner. Working on this was enjoyable because of the feeling of giving back in a small way. 

The redesign for the Texico, New Mexico road sign was the first design I had made since August of 2020 (exactly 1 year since I worked on a design project). I wanted to do something simple because if someone is driving 70 mph, they would most likely be watching the road instead of looking at signs.

texico sign.jpg
Adam- De Stijl design-2.jpg

De Stijl was an early 20th century art movement style. This one is one of best, but also one of my favorite designs this semester. The way we learned about this lessons, was first to learn the history of the design. 

Slide Presentation

This slide presentation was designed while thinking of my favorite outdoor hobby, disc golf. It is a sport that does not mind if you are not very good at playing, or you are a Pro-Circuit player. The physical activity is not too strenuous and the concentration involved can be used in other parts of studying and homework assignments. 


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